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Come fry with me

Deep Blue’s fish and chip restaurants in both Palma and Alicante airports are protected from the risk of a range fire by fire suppression systems

Airfoods is a franchise business operating across eight Spanish airports - Alicante, Murcia, Barcelona, Madrid, Palma de Mallorca, Ibiza, Almería and Fuerteventura - hosting a range of world-renowned brands including Costa Coffee and Subway.

After conducting a thorough survey of the UK consumer market, Airfoods became aware of the desire from its customers to see high quality fish and chips amongst the selection of establishments already on offer. After researching the best fish and chip businesses in the UK, Airfoods was drawn towards Deep Blue, the Surrey-based operator of 30 takeaways and restaurants. During its investigations, Airfoods discovered that Deep Blue has provided high levels of consistency and efficient, friendly staff – a set of values that Airfoods aligns itself with. Deep Blue’s commitment to maintaining high standards is linked to its sourcing of sustainable, good quality produce, placing a great emphasis on sourcing fish from well managed stocks and potatoes from British farms they’ve had a relationship with for many years.

Airfoods concluded that Deep Blue was guaranteed to be a successful addition to the Airfoods community, and so the two parties successfully entered into their first franchise agreement in Palma Airport, followed 18 months later by a larger unit in Alicante Airport.

Safety when operating in an airport is of paramount importance and the Spanish airport authority, AENA, has instigated regulations under which Airfoods is required to fit fire suppression systems in order to combat the risk caused directly by frying ranges. This technology is highly effective in tackling the breakout of fire, destroying flames quickly and greatly helping to reduce the damage caused and it uses non-corrosive agents to fight fire, minimising the clean-up required after an incident.

It is widely believed that commercial landlords will soon begin to insist on similar levels of protection for their freehold investments as one in five businesses per year suffer major disruptions due to fire and 80% of these businesses will never reopen after the destruction.

At both airports, Kiremko frying ranges are in operation, complete with the required fire supression systems. The quality and technology of Kiremko is recognised throughout Europe and although manufacturing is based in Holland, it has agents representing Belgium, France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Switzerland and has installed equipment into Poland and Russia. It’s Kiremko’s knowledge and experience that supported Deep Blue in their international expansion.

Operators who install fire suppression systems will receive discounts if they purchase the ‘Wrapped’ insurance policy, a policy designed by the industry, for the industry. Wrapped offers industry specific conditions that reflect the realities of operational practices within the industry, as well as a range of further features and benefits. For more information about Wrapped or a free no obligation quotation, talk to the Ryan’s team today.
For more information about Wrapped or a free no obligation quotation, talk to the Ryan’s team today. Tel: 0800 093 3018
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For fire suppression enquiries, contact 0345 2160300


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