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Takeaways take-off

This Christmas and New Year saw an unprecedented increase in the number of takeaways ordered, showing people are still smitten with comfort food

New Year’s Day provided a huge boost for the takeaway sector with online ordering website JustEat reporting that over 250,000 takeaways were ordered on 1st January. This is a staggering 64% increase in New Year’s Day orders compared to last year. With the average order value up slightly from £17.31 to £17.82, the number one food ordered was chips followed by egg fried rice, pilau rice and margarita pizza. The biggest selling drink was Coca-Cola.

Now these figures only take into account orders placed online with one company and not those that took the slightly more strenuous option of actually going out for a takeaway. And, yes, I have to admit I was one of those craving fried food and finding myself queuing just to get in the car park of my local takeaway, let alone get a foot in the door!

While I understand the much needed demand for hangover food on New Year’s Day, which has been cited as the reason for the peak, what I was still quite surprised to hear was the news from hungryhouse.co.uk that takeaway orders were up on Christmas Day too. Yes, that’s right. Rather than sitting down to a slap-up turkey dinner with all the trimmings, apparently more of us were reaching for our iPads, iPhones and computers to order a takeaway.

The site, which opened for business on Christmas Day for the first time in 2013, saw around a third of its 9,000 restaurants online on the big day itself. As a result, this lead to a 19% increase in orders compared to last year with fast food, classified as burgers and chicken, leaping into the lead as the most popular cuisine on Christmas day, up from third place last year. This was followed by pizza, Indian, Chinese and sushi. The biggest increase in orders came from London, Birmingham and Liverpool.

The other big surprise came on Christmas Eve when traffic via hungryhouse.co.uk increased by 60% week-on-week, making it one of its best Wednesdays ever in terms of orders.

Digging a little deeper into its figures and another interesting fact comes to light which is the big shift towards mobile devices as people got settled into the holidays. It is a trend hungryhouse.co.uk has noticed strengthen for the past couple of years with a 50% year-on-year increase in orders placed via its apps or mobile website.

What these figures clearly demonstrate is that traditions are changing and, with people still wanting to stay in but not wanting the hassles of cooking, more and more of us are slowly discovering that ordering a takeaway is another option on Christmas Day. The question is, will it prompt more takeaways to open next year and will you be prepared to give up your roast turkey to be one of them?

Most popular cuisines ordered via JustEat on Christmas Day:

Fast food (burgers & chicken)


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