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Great eggspectations

Pickled eggs might not be unique, but a new company based in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, has created a range of flavours which certainly are

Pickled eggs – hard boiled eggs cured in brine or vinegar – have been popular snack items in fish and chip shops for many years. But now, thanks to a love of pickled eggs and cyder making, Purely Pickled Eggs hopes to turn this great tradition into a modern day food.

Using free range eggs, a blend of malt, wine and cyder vinegars, and a combination of different spices, Purely Pickled Eggs has created a range of unique flavours, offering a premium product for fish and chip shops wanting to offer something different.

These include eggs pickled in beetroot, with chunks of fresh horseradish root, cloves of garlic and even whole bird’s eye chillies, which means the eggs get hotter the longer they are kept in the  jar.

“We’re bringing pickled eggs into the 21st century,” says pickling director Sue Tyley, who started the business last year.

“They are something chip shop customers are familiar with so we already know they go well with fish and chips. But, as well as being tasty, these new flavours offer a unique selling point for fish and chip restaurants, giving customers something to remember them for and a reason to come back. We’ve found the eggs have proved a real talking point.

“Plus they help attract new customers who might not otherwise have chosen a pickled egg, but who will give them a go because they like the flavour of garlic or beetroot for example.”

Sue recommends pairing the garlic variety with chicken and chips, while the chilli flavour she says make a great add on to sausage and chips. What’s more, there are seasonal opportunities all year round during which friers can promote particular flavours and drive sales.

Valentine’s Day, for example, is the perfect occasion to promote the pink beetroot eggs, while on race day Sue recommends friers push the horseradish flavour.

Purely Pickled Eggs are available in jars of four, nine and 28 as well as a larger resealable bucket containing 36. Jars have a shelf life of nine months and the buckets four months.
Purely Pickled Eggs 07752955182 www.purelypickledeggs.co.uk

Pickled eggs will appeal to health conscious customers as they are high in protein and low in calories. In fact, many slimming companies refer to them as being 'sin-free'.


Purely Pickled Eggs are available in the following varieties:
Spicy Cyder
Fruity Balsamic
Gluten-free – coming soon

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