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Papa John’s encourages customers to Rant & Rave


Pizza franchise Papa John’s has introduced a new initiative which invites customers to Rant and Rave about their experience.

All Papa John’s pizza boxes now feature a call to action asking customers to share their thoughts via QR code or text. Recipients are able to score their overall experience, as well as provide details in their own words about what they’re Ranting & Raving about. 

Papa John's is also enlisting the feedback of those customers that visit the website but don’t buy via a newly deployed feedback ‘widget’.

All feedback is analysed in real-time and the results are presented back to individual franchisees and Papa John’s head office. This gives managers the chance to respond to any negative comments, or Rants, and also celebrate their team’s Rave reviews and recognise their hard working staff.

The move is said to be part of the company’s commitment to not only listen to the voice of its customers, but more importantly, to act upon it. Andrew Gallagher, senior director of Marketing at Papa John’s, says: “Only by finding out where we’re going right and wrong can we develop as a company.  While Rant & Rave helps us respond to customer issues in the moment it also gives us the wider picture so we can track customer sentiment over time. Of course, it’s going to differ from region to region but I’m confident that by learning from our Rants and listening to our Raves we’re undoubtedly going to retain and grow our already loyal customer base.”


All inclusive

Catering appropriately for all diners will ensure customers enjoy their experience without feeling excluded due to their allergies, intolerances or lifestyle choices

Pre-sauced wood fired bases offer convenience and consistency

In response to the ever-increasing interest by consumers in authentic, premium pizza, Pan’Artisan has added three Italian wood fired pizza bases to its range

New table-top conveyor oven produces speedy pizzas

The new Atollspeed C50 table-top conveyor oven, available from Metcalfe Catering Equipment, is designed to cope with high volume food production

Stone baked pizza with a twist

Big Al’s Italian Twists are now available from T.Quality.
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