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Pots to go dippy over

GM Packaging has introduced a biodegradable container for side dips and sauces.

Made from sugar cane stems, a waste product from sugar or rum production, the 2oz bagasse dip pots readily biodegrade under controlled composting conditions and turn to soil in just a few weeks.
GM Packaging 0191 2962007 www.gmpackaging.co.uk


Spanish sensation

Fish and chips is at the heart of the £10 million redevelopment of Whitley Bay’s much-loved Spanish City

New fry-deas

350 portions of fish, 500 cones of chips, 320 slices of pizza, 300 pots of mushy peas and 500 cups of coffee were dished out to visitors hungry for new ideas at The Fish Frying & Fast Food Show on Sunday

Unsung Hero

Kerry Morrall, server and chef, Auckley Friery, Auckley, Doncaster
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