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160 years of fish and chips

Updated: Jan 3, 2020

Although fried fish and potatoes have been eaten in the UK for centuries, it is a Jewish immigrant called Joseph Malin who is widely considered to have served fish and chips together for the first time at his shop in the East End of London in 1860, thereby making next year the industry’s 160th anniversary.

The NFFF have created a logo for shops to use to promote the event and there will be a host of marketing activity taking place which shops can get onboard with. In the meantime, here are five top facts that you can share with your customers:

- According to Seafish, 201 million portions of fish and chips were served last year - that’s about 3.9m portions a week. Fish and chip shops remain the largest outlet for these meals, serving up 109 million of these portions .

- The longest running fish and chip shop was ‘The Oldest Fish & Chip Shop in the World’ in Yeadon, Leeds. It had been serving from the same premises continually since 1865 until it closed down in 2016.

- Fish and chips were served in newspaper until the 1980s.

- Fish and chips played their part in the D-Day Landings with British soldiers identifying themselves by shouting out “fish” and waiting for the response of “chips”.

- Fish and chips was one of only a few food items not to be rationed during the second world war as it was so embedded in British culture that it was believed limiting it could damage morale.

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