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20% discount on Coeliac UK online training

Coeliac UK is offering a 20% discount to fish and chip shop owners and their staff who take its online catering course during Gluten Free Community Week (11th-17th May).

The £70 course was re-launched at the start of March, making it easier for caterers to understand and meet the needs of the growing gluten free market.

The course takes approximately one and half hours to complete and covers areas such as the law on gluten free, preparing and cooking gluten free food, cleaning and personal hygiene, and communicating with staff and customers.

On successful completion of the training, a personalised certificate from Coeliac UK can be downloaded to be displayed or added to training records

MasterChef champion and Coeliac UK ambassador Jane Devonshire, says: “The online catering course is a great way to get staff to understand the needs of those requiring a gluten free diet when coming to your restaurant, cafe or bar. It is easy to do and underlines principals that everyone should have in place legally when offering a gluten free option on the menu.”  

“Research shows that people with coeliac disease - and the family and friends they eat out with - are currently worth a potential £100 million a year to venues that can cater for them. So what a great time to do it now, so when everything opens you can hit the ground running offering great food to all your customers.”

To take advantage of the 20% discount, visit and enter the code gfaware20 during Coeliac UK’s Gluten Free Community Week between 11th and 17th May.

Coeliac UK will be holding a virtual gluten free afternoon tea party on Friday 15th May and is inviting friends, family and colleagues to enjoy a cup of tea and gluten free cake together via video chat.

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