25% of Brits cut back on animal products during Covid

1 in 4 (25%) Brits have actively cut back on eating some form of animal products since the first lockdown, according to research by The Vegan Society.

Figures show that since the start of Covid-19, one in five (20%) people have reduced the amount of meat they are eating while 12% have minimised their eggs and dairy intake. A further 7% revealed they have cut down on all three.

The research also found that 32% of Brits are thinking more about their personal impact on the planet.

In a second survey aimed at those who had cut back on animal products, 35% said they were mainly motivated by health concerns, 30% by the environment and 21% due to animal rights issues.

Consumers are substituting animal products for meat alternatives with 54% of respondents revealing they’d bought a plant-based alternative for the first-time during lockdown. Three quarters said they will continue to buy them again in future.

Plant-based milks, such as oat milk and coconut milk, are also proving to be a hit along with vegan staples such as pulses, lentils and chickpeas.

Reacting to the news, Louisianna Waring, insight and commercial policy officer, said:“Covid-19 has certainly made people think twice about what they’re eating and where it’s coming from. This is highlighted by the large number of people cutting down on animal products because of their own health concerns.”

The news follows the release of Veganuary’s latest official figures which show a record breaking 582,000 people around the globe signed up with 85% of the 2021 participants revealing they plan to at least halve their intake of animal products permanently.