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30 Minutes With...

...Lorraine Watson, Carron Fish Bar, Stonehaven, Aberdeen

How did you get into the industry?

I’ve been involved in successful hotel, pubs and restaurants for years and when a friend said he was about to retire, I jumped at the chance to buy a great shop in a great location. I wished I had done it years ago.

What’s your favourite food?

Salmon that has been marinated in a nice sauce and then oven cooked and served with fresh veg and baby potatoes. It’s healthy and good for you.

Is there a food you won’t eat?

Squid - too chewy.

Where have you had the best fish and chips?

From a carry out in Edinburgh, walking back into town with the crowd. It was a breaded jumbo haddock supper and we had just watched Scotland win at Rugby at Murrayfield.

What side do you have with your fish and chips?

Always homemade tartare sauce.

If you could open a fish and chip shop anywhere, where would it be?

By the seafront in St Lucia, but it still needs to make money!

Do you have a favourite restaurant?

Rothsay Rooms in Balloter, Royal Deeside. It was opened by Prince Charles to raise funds for the flooding a few years ago. It’s now a Michelin star restaurant with great food and, as important, great service.

What is your go-to drink?

Gin and slimline tonic. There are so many great flavours to choose from now.

What dish reminds you most of your childhood?

Macaroni cheese. My mother made the best when I was a child.

What is your guilty food pleasure?

Cheese and biscuits because it comes with a glass of port!

What’s been your weirdest food combination?

In Ko Samui, a beautiful island off Thailand, we had chicken neck with rat cooked on a beach BBQ. Local cuisine but not quite our normal food!

What one piece of equipment would you love to purchase for your shop?

An iPad for orders and recording temperatures etc., so we could move to a more paperless business.

If you could have anyone join your team who would it be?

When we bought our second shop, my youngest son Murray moved to run it. It would be great if he came back to run the Carron with myself and Jenny, our manager. A dream team - and it would mean more holidays for me!

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