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30 Minutes With...

...Rebecca Lord, managing director, Friars Pride

How did you get into the industry?  

I was born into it. My grandfather purchased Friars Pride when he retired from the police force and then my father, David Briggs, took it on and grew it. I have been talking about fish and chips and Friars Pride over breakfast, lunch and dinner since a small child, and I worked for the business during school and university holidays. After obtaining my degree, I worked on a project for Friars Pride to produce a consumer television advertisement for fish and chips. This involved persuading over 200 shops in East Anglia to participate and help finance the campaign. The 10-second ad was a first for the industry. After this, many of the shops wanted to do another campaign and I obtained further finance from Seafish and other industry suppliers, which enabled me to produce follow up radio advertising. Soon after, I was approached by some large fish and chip shops and industry suppliers to manage their marketing for them. This enabled me to start my own marketing business but then, as my father got older, the calling from Friars Pride became too great and I sold my company in 2002 to join Friars Pride full time.


What’s you favourite food?

Fish and chips obviously!

Is there a food you won’t eat?

Green peppers - they are bitter and nasty! However, I love food and there is not a lot I don’t eat.

Where have you had the best fish and chips?

A difficult question for me because Friars Pride has so many fantastic fish and chip shop customers!  I do enjoy fish and chips at Fishers in Hunstanton. They fry with Q Prestige, which is duck fat and palm oil, and it gives the chips a fantastic unique flavour. They usually use Rammi Icelandic cod, which is always fantastic.

What side do you have with your fish and chips?

Mushy peas. I really enjoy them and they make fish and chips a more balanced and nutritious meal.

If you could open a fish and chip shop anywhere, where would it be?

I don’t have any intention of opening a fish and chip shop, but if I did it would be on the beach somewhere in Dorset. I love the area and the sea.

Do you have a favourite restaurant?

I love food and am very fortunate to have eaten in some fabulous places around the world. My go-to favourite local restaurant is the Garden Room at the George Hotel in Stamford, Lincolnshire, because the atmosphere is relaxed but special, and the food is superb. Battered haddock and chips is their most popular meal which, at £19.95, shows it is possible to charge a high price in the right environment!

What is your go-to drink?

Gin & Tonic - long, refreshing and with a kick.  Especially good on a Friday night!

What dish reminds you most of your childhood?

Spaghetti hoops and triangles of buttered toast - lovingly prepared by my Granny Briggs. Also delicious homemade shortbread and fairy cakes, which were lovingly made by my Nanna.

What is your guilty food pleasure?

Probably Green & Blacks Chocolate and Honeycomb – the bittersweet loveliness helps a tough day feel better.

What’s been your weirdest food combination?

We had a dish called a Black Egg, which is a signature dish of a very nice restaurant in Majorca. It’s a runny egg yolk sitting in a specially prepared black outer casing made up of squid and squid ink. The flavours and textures were delicious.

If you could have anyone join your team who would it be?

Hugh Jackman. After watching him in concert he is extremely talented and I am sure he could turn his hand to anything!

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