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£50,000 fine and a ban for filthy fish and chip shop

The owner of a Norfolk fish and chip shop has been fined £48,782.47 after being found guilty of 14 counts of failing to comply with food hygiene regulations.

Richard Andrew Buck, owner of Shoreside 1000 in Hunstanton, failed to improve conditions despite receiving repeated advice and warnings from West Norfolk Council.

Environmental health officers found fish skins on the floor, a dirty microwave and dirt on shelves and the frying range that had “accumulated over time”.

Inspectors also found inadequate hand washing materials and on one visit discovered no soap at all despite food already having been prepared.

Routine food safety checks were also not being carried out, in particular, there was no record of food in the hot box being temperature checked to ensure it was above 63°C. When checked by inspectors, food was found to be between 55°C and 57°C.

The list went on with inspectors finding food stored in fridges with no lids, staff not wearing protective clothing when preparing or serving food, and fat leaking from the fryer onto the floor and into the cellar below.

As well as receiving a fine, the owner has been banned from running a food business.

Cllr Adrian Lawrence, cabinet member for housing and community, said: "Where a business ignores the advice and continues failing to comply, we have to take action to protect the public. In this instance, repeated advice did not result in any improvement. Instead, officers witnessed a deterioration in hygiene standards at the premises. I am pleased with the outcome of this case and hope it serves to warn other food businesses that they must adhere to food hygiene regulations. A good hygiene rating is great for business.”

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