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A lighter lunch

With lunchtime posing an ideal opportunity to boost trade, we sat down with Heather Ainsworth from Henry Colbeck to talk about the Lite-BITE and how it can help you earn a better margin, increase mid-day trade and reduce waste

First of all, what is the Lite-BITE?

The Lite-BITE is the light sized solution for fish and chips, an alternative size meal for customers looking for a smaller, portion-controlled offering. Not only that, the Lite-BITE also appeals to families, young people, the elderly as well as people on the go – helping shop to increase their lunchtime trade!

It's a whole concept aimed at a market who wouldn't normally choose fish and chips specifically at lunchtime but not exclusive to lunchtime.

Why is the concept important?

Research shows that more and more consumers are health-conscious than ever before, with 36% of customers stating that they would order a smaller amount of fish and chips as a healthier option, whilst 75% would prefer a choice of serving sizes. Furthermore, 60% of people surveyed said yes to either dieting regularly or keeping to a healthy diet.

Therefore, it is important that we take on board changing consumer habits and provide an offering to meet their needs whilst re-educating the public on the nutritional benefits a lighter portion of fish and chips has.

What portion size do you recommend for the Lite-BITE?

We recommend 5-6oz fish and a 5-6oz portion of chips, which will come in around 650 calories when cooked in vegetable oil. Add in a pot of peas and you’ve also got yourself one of your five a day! For further portion sizes and nutritional information, shops can visit our dedicated Lite-BITE website at

Is the Lite-BITE specifically for fish and chips?

Not at all, we have customers who put pies, sausages, fish bites, chicken goujons and burgers into the Lite-BITE. All our nutritional testing has been done with fish and chips, however.

Is there a particular demographic that it is appealing to more or is it across the board?

Very much across the board, we have customers who are near school/colleges/universities who are reporting an increase in trade at lunchtime since introducing the Lite-BITE, customers at the seaside have also reported success since introducing the concept, it really does appeal from the young to the old, from those living in land to the coast, students to working professional and more. A very versatile product.

Do you know how many shops are currently selling the Lite-BITE?

Yes, currently there are over 400 fish and chips shops around the UK that sell it and we are seeing that number continue to grow.

What about chip shops who already sell a small portion of fish and chips, how will it benefit them?

The Lite-BITE provides a structured portion-controlled meal which allows chip shop owners to be confident in marketing this meal as calorie controlled. Due to the range of sizes a ‘small’ can be and the ability to overfill, many consumers are still put off by a ‘small’ portion and the food that is wasted from not being able to finish. The Lite-BITE will attract more customers through the door whilst helping to eliminate the chance of overfilling and, therefore, increasing margins.

Can it be marketed towards children and older adults?

Absolutely! It’s a great way to introduce fish to children without overloading them. The Lite-BITE is also ideal for those with smaller appetites.

How should chip shops market the Lite-BITE?

We provide all customers with a free point of sale pack to help them market The Lite-BITE in their shops with their first purchase. The pack includes posters, leaflets, fridge wobblers and a window sticker! The main thing to remember however is that The Lite-BITE is an alternative portion-controlled size offering that has been nutritionally tested to provide a balanced lighter portion of the nation’s favourite dish that can be consumed as part of an everyday diet.

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