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Add flavour and attract customers with Flavon chip salt

Spicealicious has brought Australia’s number one chip salt to the UK fish and chip shop market to help friers add another dimension to their menus and attract new customers.

Flavon Chicken Salt is a natural sea salt mixed with spices, giving a flavour which hasn’t been experienced in the UK until now. The salt can be sprinkled over cooked chips and fried food to give it added flavour, but can also be added to meat, fish, stews, curries and kebabs.

Appealing to those looking for something different or those that simply don’t like salt and vinegar, Flavon comes with a range of supporting point of sale, including posters and flyers.

Spicealicious is also introducing Fish Enhancer, a seasoning that can be mixed with ground rice or rice flour - or used on its own - prior to battering and deep frying a range of products including fish, sausages and scallops to tenderise and further flavour food.

Both products are available in 1.5kg resealable aluminium packs to preserve the taste, aroma and quality. See them in action at The Fish Frying & Fast Food Show on Sunday 7th October at the NAEC.

Spicealicious 07795417058 or 01926409066

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