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All inclusive

Catering appropriately for all diners will ensure customers enjoy their experience without feeling excluded due to their allergies, intolerances or lifestyle choices

Fish with flavour

Providing the same great taste as traditional options in its range but designed specifically for those with an allergy or intolerance, Young’s Omega 3 Fish Fingers, Free From Wheat, Gluten and Milk make a tasty menu item suitable for everyone. This removes the need to create an entirely separate dish for those with special dietary requirements, giving operators total peace of mind.

Cooked straight from the freezer, the fish fingers can be served on their own or alongside gluten free bread and rolls to make sandwiches and wraps. A fish finger sandwich is a classic comfort food that proves extremely popular on menus, but for a gourmet twist, why not serve on a sweet brioche roll, topped with homemade tartar sauce, rocket and chips?

Young’s The Ultimate Fishcake is another versatile and easy to prepare menu choice. Filled with MSC Alaska Pollock mince and coated in a crispy oven baked crumb, the fishcake is free from wheat, gluten and milk and makes a great starter as well as main menu option.

Young’s Foodservice 0800 132 096

Super sausages

The Q Partnership has taken the recipe for its 42nd Street Classic Sausages, made from only quality cuts of pork, and cleverly adapted it using a combination of rice flour and dehydrated potato as a rusk replacement. The result is a tasty, meaty gluten free sausage with a high 50% pork content.

42nd Street Gluten Free Classic Sausages are produced after a thorough factory clean-down and have been tested by an independent laboratory passing the maximum level of 20ppmm, meaning Gluten is completely undetectable. Every batch is manufactured in the UK and laboratory tested to ensure consistency of quality.

Henry Colbeck 0191 482 4242

VA Whitley 01706 364211

Friars Pride 01733 316400

Roll with it

Developed for foodservice by bakery specialist Kara are two Genius gluten free rolls.

The first is a seeded roll, packed with linseed, poppy and sunflower seeds and has a soft texture that is great for sandwiches and burgers. Available 25 per box. 

Meanwhile, for shops that find it hard to predict demand and want to get rolls out as and when needed, Kara also offers an individually wrapped seeded roll. Containing sunflower and poppy seeds, linseed and millet, it is available 16 per box and makes the perfect accompaniment to a soup or stew.

Both rolls are suitable for vegetarians and are gluten and milk free. The rolls have a six month frozen shelf life and two days once defrosted.

Kara 0161 3512399

Bread time

Used in place of traditional breadcrumbs, Pulsetta can help extended free from menus to include a host of breaded products including fish, scampi and chicken.

Made from flour using pulses, the breadcrumbs are not only gluten free, but they are suitable for vegetarians and vegans. What’s more, due to its high volume of pulses, an 80g portion counts as one of the recommended 5-a-day fruit and veg portions.

Pulsetta Breadcrumbs are crispy and golden and come in a 150g and 1kg resealable pouches as well as a 6kg bag.

Pulsetta 1561 376 863

Choices with chicken

For customers that are either gluten intolerant or simply making an active lifestyle choice to remove gluten from their diet, Riverside Foods has launched a range of gluten free poultry products with no compromise on taste. 

Including goujons, chunks, escalopes, mini fillets and kievs, they are made with 100% whole muscle, unprocessed, chicken breast coated in a golden, gluten free breadcrumb. The frozen gluten free breaded chicken products are clearly labelled with the Coeliac UK’s Crossed Grain symbol to help customers identify them.

Riverside Foods 01691 839288

Wrap it up with Central Foods

Central Foods has a comprehensive range of products to suit the rising demand for gluten-free or vegetarian items, from gluten free pizza bases, sausages, and wraps to meat free sausage rolls or cheese and onion rolls.

It’s latest addition is an individual portion of gluten and dairy-free ready-cooked penne pasta, which is also suitable for vegans and vegetarians. Providing a convenient product for chefs and foodservice operators to use either hot or cold, it can be served as it is or reheated from frozen in just two minutes in the microwave. What’s more, cross contamination within the kitchen is reduced because each portion is individually wrapped.

Central Foods 01604 858522

Brakes’ free from drive

Brakes is on a mission to have a market-leading range of top quality free from products by 2019, ready to satisfy the burgeoning demands of the gluten-free, meat and dairy free, and vegan friendly sectors.

New products to be launched over the coming months include a range of sweet baked vegan goods, dairy cheese alternatives, meat-free quiche, three new vegan ice creams, ‘free from’ frozen MSC Alaskan pollock portions, plus a number of meat-free meal solutions. The comprehensive range will provide the tools to cater for most dietary requirements with tasty, quality menu options.

Brakes 0345 606 9090

Curry sauce that’s full of flavour

Described as being a proper curry sauce that’s full of flavour is Phil Vickery Seriously Good Gluten Free Chip Shop Curry Sauce from Ceres UK.

Packed full of spices and with a smooth texture, it provides the ideal accompaniment to a wide range of chip shop staples including fish, chips, sausages and chicken. Not only is the curry sauce gluten free, but it’s also allergen and MSG free, plus it contains no hydrogenated or solid fats, artificial colourings or flavourings.

Available in a powder format in a 2.5kg tub, it follows the successful launch of the company’s gluten free batter and gluten free chip shop gravy.

Ceres UK 0845 3711 522


Why cater for different dietary requirements?

The free from market has grown by 30% since 2015 and is forecast to hit £952m by 2021

55% of free from consumers do not have an allergy or intolerance

Free from food was bought and/or eaten by almost a third of adults in the sixth months up to September 2016

More than a quarter (28%) of meat-eating Brits have cut or limited their meat intake in the past six months.

One in five (19%) Brits under the age of 25 say they do not eat red meat or poultry, rising to one in four (25%) women in this age group.

Coeliac UK estimates that there are now over 1.3 million Britons, or 3% of British adults, following a gluten-free diet. In addition, 8.58 million, or 13%, are avoiding gluten in their diet

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