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Frymax launches new website

A new Frymax website aims to share valuable information and bring the industry together

Through its close connection with the fish and chip shop trade over many years, Frymax has accumulated a vast amount of knowledge and experience. Now, with the launch of a new website,, all this information is freely available in one place. From a comprehensive guide into the art of frying, to tips, to support and help, the website has been designed to appeal to both the seasoned frier as well as newcomers to the fish and chip shop business.

What’s more, the website features regularly updated areas, including a blog where friers can stay abreast of all the latest news and developments in the frying industry, as well as industry insights and fish and chip trivia.

Become a Frymax Member

Visitors also have the opportunity to become a Frymax Member, giving full access to the Frymax team, its network of ambassadors as well as unrestricted access to exclusive video content, such as its insightful Frying Guide, competitions and expert advice. One-to-one technical support is also available to ensure friers get the most out of their frying oil, as well as branding, marketing and promotional support.

Expert ambassadors to help develop business Frymax has recruited a team of award-winning ambassadors to offer help and advice to customers and assist in their business development. The majority of its ambassadors are experienced current or former friers themselves who can provide invaluable help in developing successful fish and chip businesses.

There is also an area where customers using Frymax for more than 25 years can register to see if they are eligible to receive a free plaque commemorating their long-standing partnership with the brand.

Commenting on the new website, Andrew Marriott, brand manager at Frymax, comments: “Information, knowledge sharing and integration are all key to ensuring that the fish and chip trade in this country continues to develop and be successful. The aim of our website is to provide that information and knowledge whilst our members will encourage integration and the development of a Frymax Family all working together for the good of the industry.”


Frymax was launched over 60 years ago and remains one of the brand-leading oils for the fish and chip shop industry


Frymax is 100% natural palm oil, fully sustainable and certified by the RSPO. It has remained unchanged since its launch and continues to guarantee consistently good, delicious results and long lasting performance without deterioration in quality. Its manufacturer says it is as good and relevant today as it always has been, which is why it is regularly described as "the frier's favourite".

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