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American restaurant workers start receiving vaccine next month

Restaurant workers in America’s capital city Washington DC will be among the first in the US to receive the COVID-19 vaccine next month.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommended food service workers be included in round 1c of distribution which covers “other essential workers”, the third tier after healthcare workers and frontline essential workers.

Residents living in neighbouring Virginia and Maryland who work in restaurants in DC will also be eligible for the vaccine. However, with individual states regulating distribution of the vaccine, restaurant workers in other cities will have to wait, reports Fox News.

In an on-line report for the news station, it explains: “For example, food service employees working in hospitals across Illinois are now able to get COVID-19 vaccines; however, officials said Tuesday restaurant workers will still have to wait until next month, per Eater Chicago.

(Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot had also publicly stated that the city did not have enough doses of the vaccine.) And in New York, restaurant workers are grouped into phase four of the vaccination rollout, which aims to innoculate "all other essential workers" as well.”

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