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Aviko is home and dry with new Crunch fries

Aviko believes it has solved the problem of chips going cold and soggy during home deliveries with its new Premium Crunch Fast Food Fries.

Featuring a thicker coating, the Premium Crunch Fast Food Fries are said to stay piping hot and crunchier for longer. Available in two varieties – Crunch Shoestring 7mm and Crunch 9.5mm – they cook in just three minutes and are gluten-free as well as suitable for vegetarians.

Mohammed Essa, commerical director UK and Ireland, Aviko, explains: “No longer do operators need to be concerned with delivering cold or soggy chips! We have specifically designed the Premium Crunch Fast Food Fries to support the quick service market in delivering the highest standard of chips possible. With a thicker coating, the new fries are perfect for home delivery packaging and will arrive without any breakage or loss of heat and will also remain satisfyingly crunchy.”

Aviko 0800 633 5611

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