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Baker Street reveals Brits' perfect burger

The perfect burger includes one type of cheese, two sauces, two patties, two salad items and one additional filling such as a grilled mushroom or hash brown, according to research by bakery brand Baker Street.

With Brits eating three burgers a month, 87% of respondents said the only way to enjoy one properly is to eat it by hand, while 13% like to use a knife and fork. A third even dissect a burger before eating it, by removing the top piece of the bun and eating the meat separately.

When it comes to the bap, a white bun is preferred by more than half the country (56%) over and above any other type while on the inside, beef, cheddar cheese and ketchup all make up the ideal burger.

Chris McLaughlin, commercial director at St Pierre Groupe, which owns the Baker Street brand, said: “Everyone loves a burger and it’s a staple on our restaurant menus, but clearly there are a lot of ways it can be done wrong.

“People have their preference of bun, meat and additional fillings and the options really are endless. Four of the top seven concerns around how to make a burger are centred on the bread – which proves to us that a great burger starts with a great bun.”

Baker Street has produced a burger map of Britain so shops can see how best to cater to their customers.

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