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Batter smarter

Goldensheaf’s new Smart Batter Mix is described as Kerry Foodservice's biggest batter innovation to date due to the significant improvements it brings to fried food

In June last year, Kerry Foodservice turned its focus to developing an innovative batter mix that could enhance the cooking and holding properties of traditional fried fish.

By combining consumers' and operators' continuous needs to have lighter and tastier products with a better texture, and Kerry’s vision of constantly “leading to better” through innovative new product launches, it developed Goldensheaf Smart Batter Mix and now, following successful product trials and in-market testing, it is available to the fish and chip shop sector. 

Goldensheaf Smart Batter Mix boasts a host of advantages, the main one being that it absorbs at least 10% less oil. This not only means less oil on paper, but improved flavour, crispiness and holding ability. A secondary benefit of this is a 5% reduction in the calories of fried food.

Commenting on the launch of Smart Batter Mix, Cathal Murphy, senior brand manager, savoury brands, Kerry Foodservice, says: “This is a product that really exemplifies the taste and nutrition aspects of Kerry’s value proposition.

“It has the capability to keep battered fish crisper for longer - a vital element of the traditional fish and chip taste experience - while at the same time absorbing less oil, marginally lowering the amount of calories contained in the product.”

With initial trials extremely positive and friers already switching to Goldensheaf’s Smart Batter Mix, Kerry is now exploring broader applications for the batter, in particular home delivery fish and chips.

Cathal adds: “This experience moreover confirmed that even in a traditional industry there is always room to innovate and for Kerry to add value.”

Goldensheaf Smart Batter Mix is available in 16kg bags.

Goldensheaf  0800 138 1938


1. The unique technology used in Smart Batter means food stays crisper for longer.

2. The new recipe gives superior crispiness and an even, golden colour.

3. Offers improved adhesion and reduced scraps, leading to better oil quality.

4. Absorbs 10% less oil for improved flavour, crispiness and holding ability.

5. Less oil absorption means finished products contain at least 5% less calories.

6. Smart Batter is easy to prepare and use whilst delivering a unique flavour and improved taste

"Delicious, crispy, tasty batter every time and now with less fat!”

David Hanbury, owner, Hanbury's Fish & Chips, Babbacombe, Devon

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