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BBC delves into takeaways in TV programme airing tonight

A one-off programme airs on BBCOne tonight at 8pm looking at the effect the increasing number of takeaways being eaten is having on the brain and body.

The Truth About...Takeaways sees journalist Nikki Fox follow a group of 15 volunteers who eat two takeaways every day for two weeks, from a list of the nation’s biggest sellers, which includes fish and chips, pizza, Indian and Chinese.

Before and after the trial, scientists at Liverpool John Moores University and Imperial College London put participants through a range of tests - from blood sugar levels and body fat to gut bacteria, mental wellbeing and cognitive sharpness.

The programme also sees a nutritional scientist at Reading University compare the salt, fat and calorie content of six popular takeaways - a kebab, a chicken korma with rice and naan, fish and chips, KFC’s chicken wings and chips, a Domino’s pizza and a McDonald’s Big Mac and large fries.

With adults recommended no more than 6g of salt a day, the results show chicken wings and chips to have the lowest salt content at 1g, the Big Mac just over 2.5g, curry and fish and chips both at 4g, the kebab 4.5g and pizza 9g.

When it comes to fat content, fried chicken has the lowest at 20g, followed by burger and fries at 39g, fish and chips at 45g, kebab at 60g, and the korma and pizza both over 80g.

With the NHS recommended daily calorie intake set at 2,000 calories a day for women and 2,500 for men and no more than 600 to be consumer in one meal, only the chicken meal came in under at 400kcal. The burger contained 800kcal, fish and chips 925kcal, kebabs over 1,100kcal, korma 1,800kcal and pizza 2,000kcal.

The programme goes on to suggest consumers swap takeaway favourites with supermarket alternatives, for example a fish and chips ready meal containing 563kcals.

It also looks at food hygiene ratings, the rising number of dark kitchens, and the growing trend towards vegan takeaways.

According to the programme, 10 million of us now use delivery apps with Brits now putting away more than three million takeaways every day.

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