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Bidfresh launches programme of support for operators

Fresh food specialist Bidfresh is launching a support programme for hospitality operators designed to encourage to use fresh, seasonal and responsibly sourced produce on menus.

The campaign, called A Fresh Approach, is being rolled out across the three core Bidfresh businesses - fish and seafood specialist Direct Seafoods; catering butcher Campbell Brothers, and fruit and vegetable supplier Oliver Kay Produce.

The programme will include online recipes and guides to sourcing and preparation of a range of dishes; videos demonstrating prep techniques to enable chefs to make the most of a range of profitable, but sometimes less-familiar cuts and species; and seasonality guides showing when produce is at its best in terms of quality, value and availability.

Jane Aukim, marketing manager of Bidfresh, said: "To help overcome the challenges our customers face, we're encouraging them to share the workload with us.

"Let chefs focus on what adds value for customers, which is cooking great food, fresh to order, and beautifully presented. At the back end, let our specialists do some of the hard works in terms of slicing, trimming, filleting, and chopping. More than ever, investing a little more in the skills of specialist catering suppliers can make a huge difference to the bottom line, and bridge the gap between high customer expectations and lower labour availability.

"We also want to work closely with the new generation of chefs the hospitality sector needs to help them appreciate how the supply chain works. For example, if you want 45-day aged steak on your menu, we need the time to plan, and mature the meat! It's also well worth asking us to cut your steaks to the exact size and specification you want.

"Equally, if you order a five kilo whole fish, you need to know how many portions that will deliver. The yield depends on the species, and will vary considerably. Again, we can reduce waste by supplying the trimmed fish offcuts from for other dish options such as fish pie or fishcakes."

Operators and chefs can access the A Fresh Approach programme by clicking here.

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