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Birmingham named UK’s takeaway capital

Birmingham ordered more takeaways than any other city in the UK during lockdown, with fish and chips and pizza the preferred dishes, according to research by delivery app Foodhub.

The nationwide study reveals almost one in 10 Brummies ordered takeaway food every single day during lockdown, while over half ordered a takeaway two to five times a week in the same 12-month period.

While fish and chips and pizza shared the top spot of the most popular takeaway dishes in the city with 15% of the vote each, curry following closely behind with 12%.

Foodhub polled 2,000 British adults to assess the takeaway habits of the nation during lockdown.

Nationally, the most popular takeaway ordered during lockdown was Chinese followed by pizza and then fish and chips.

Surprisingly curry missed out on a top three status, with only one in 10 people classing it as their favourite takeaway.

Lockdown saw takeaway sales soar with a quarter of Brits ordering up to twice as much takeaway food than they did prior to the pandemic, with a third of the UK ordering a takeaway meal at least once or twice a week, the research reveals.

Over half of the UK (52%) said they ordered more takeaways during lockdown because they were sick of cooking, and 35% said they had nothing else to spend their money on as restaurants, bars and shops were closed due to national restrictions.

Wil Chung, Foodhub spokesperson, said: “Lockdown saw a big rise in takeaway orders and fast-food deliveries, due to restaurant and pub closures.

“In fact, as a nation, we ordered so much takeaway food during the last year that many of us (42%) are now on first name terms with our delivery drivers.

“When it comes to ordering a food feast, customers clearly like to stick to their favourite takeaway treats - almost three quarters of people (69%) said they haven’t tried new takeaway cuisines during lockdown and just stayed with ordering what they know and love.”

During lockdown, one in 10 Brits have been spending between £50 - £60 a week on takeaway food, with nearly a quarter (22%) of people in the North East region spending £71 - £80 per week.

Residents in Aberdeen enjoy a takeaway meal so much that over one in 10 locals order one twice a day.

When it comes to takeaway favourites, over a quarter (26%) of 18 – 24-year-olds would choose to order a pizza above all other meals and one in five 45 – 54-year-olds would opt for a Chinese to tickle their taste buds.


  1. Birmingham

  2. Aberystwyth

  3. Belfast

  4. Manchester

  5. Cardiff

  6. Gloucester

  7. London

  8. Bristol

  9. Liverpool

  10. Glasgow


  1. Chinese – 16%

  2. Pizza – 15%

  3. Fish & Chips – 13%

  4. Curry – 9%

  5. Burgers – 5%

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