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Boss shuts shop as heatwave sends temperatures soaring

The owner of a fish and chip shop in Nuneaton, Warwickshire, has closed his business for three days because the heatwave has made working conditions “unsafe and unhealthy”.

Stuart Cooper took the decision to close Five Star Fish Bar on Monday evening as the temperature inside the takeaway still read 42.8°C an hour and 45 minutes after closing, leading him to believe the mercury could have reached 60°C behind the counter during the day when the range and ovens were all working.

A statement posted on the shop’s Facebook page on Tuesday morning read: “Due to the heat forecast this week I have taken the decision to close until Friday.

“The temperature in the shop is always at least 20°C more than outside and this makes the working conditions unsafe and unhealthy.

“The health of myself and my staff is more important, apologies to anyone inconvenienced.

“We will be re-open 11.30am on Friday 23rd July.”

Customers have praised the chip shop boss on Facebook for his actions, with one calling it a selfless act and another saying: “That’s how you take care of your workers.”

Another posted: “Good on you taking this decision and putting your staff welfare above profits.”

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