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Bread, coffee and cut grass among UK’s favourite smells

Freshly baked bread, just brewed coffee and newly cut grass have topped a survey of the UK’s favourite scents, leaving fish and chips trailing in 12th place.

Among the smells beating the nation’s favourite dish is frying bacon, a Sunday roast and freshly washed clothes. It did rank ahead of roses, scented candles and fresh doughnuts, however.

When ranked by gender, fish and chips jumped to fifth place as the favourite scent for men, with 19% of the votes.

The survey of 2,000 people by VELO found, unsurprisingly, vomit is one of the worst smells, disliked more than sewage, body odour and nappies.

To see what other smells the UK consider to be the best and worst, and to see how your county compares to its neighbours, you can read the full analysis on the VELO blog now.

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