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Byron installs Vito in all 60 sites

Burger chain Byron has installed Vito oil filtration units in all 60 of its branches after a trial resulted in a 60% reduction in oil usage.

The burger giant trialed Vito for a week at its Beak Street restaurant in London’s Soho, one of the chain’s busiest sites, in November with the aim of not only reducing oil consumption but also delivering a healthier and fresher product.

During the trial, the unit, which is placed into hot oil to filter and clean it, saved 100 litres of oil in seven days. This resulted in substantial money savings and a considerable reduction in labour costs as staff no longer had to manually filter or replace oil as often. What’s more, the overall levels of TPM - the particles of burnt carbon which degrade oil and affect the quality of the end product - were minimised, which was another goal for Byron.

Vito clinched the deal with Byron after its distributor, Valentine Equipment, was approached by Warminster-based National Facilities FM to assist the restaurant in meeting its objectives. Valentine supplied the fryers via sister company CuisineEquip and recommended Vito for the filtration units.

Kim Addison, marketing director at Vito UK, comments: “We’ve been working with chain accounts for a number of years now and the Byron project is another fantastic example of how a distributor and manufacturer can work together to provide a first class service and help a high profile customer find the perfect solution. For a chain with over 60 sites, the savings it stands to make on oil is over six figures, it’s incredible.

“It’s the first time we’ve worked with a distributor and a facilities management company and it was brilliant. We all had our own role to play but everyone understood the importance of oil management in terms of filtering and testing it to ensure it stays in good condition.”

Both Vito and Valentine Equipment worked with kitchen facilities manager Richard Pratt, who then oversaw the training at each individual site. Kim adds: “Richard was the perfect professional. He really wanted it to work across all the sites and that was so refreshing to see as he kept an eye on everything and ensured staff were using the Vito correctly. As a result, all the kitchen staff were on board immediately as they could see the system saved their labour time straight away. They don’t have to drop their fryers and clean them so often - one of the worst jobs in any kitchen.

"Vito can be used any time of the day so staff can fit it in with how they work in the kitchen. That’s why Vito is so unique, it fits into any kitchen practice as it takes just five minutes to filter a pan."

Following the trial, Vito units were rolled out to Byron’s sites across London first and then nationwide, with the last install in February.

Vito, which was founded in Germany 17 years ago, has been operating in the UK for eight years, serving the foodservice industry as well as the fish and chip shop sector. Its oil filtration units are sold into 152 countries worldwide.

Vito UK 01953 851 914

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