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Canadian chef to smash fish and chips world record

A Canadian chef is hoping to set a new Guinness World Record for frying the largest serving of fish and chips.

D’Arcy Butler, chef instructor at the College of the North Atlantic in Stephenville, is hoping to smash the current record set by Resorts World Birmingham in 2018, which weighed in at 54.99kg (121lb 3oz). The uncooked halibut fillet weighed 27.83kg (61lb 5oz) with the uncooked weight of the chips being slightly less than twice the weight of the uncooked fish.

In an interview with Canadian TV programme NTV News, D’Arcy said: “The minimum [fish] we need is something like 70lb, but I’d like to smash this record. I know there have been some really large halibut, I’ve seen some pictures of 200lb plus halibut landed. I think the record is almost 500lb so if someone can get that big fish, then I’m going to cook it.”

Hoping to source a halibut big enough in time to take on the challenge on Good Friday, D’Arcy wants to create a community event, adding: “Our goal is actually to sell tickets, so people will be able to come in and purchase tickets and then they’ll able to eat a plate form the world’s largest fish and chips.”

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