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Chelmsley chippy closes just two weeks after opening

The Chelmsley fish and chip shop that made headlines two weeks ago for being the UK’s first community-owned chippy has been forced to close.

Chelmund's Fish & Chips, in Chelmsley Wood, North Solihull, took the decision after its manager and fryer resigned, leaving no one to fry food.  

Describing the situation on the shop’s Facebook page as “teething problems”, it continues, saying: “He resigned before we were able to train up the deputies meaning we haven't got anyone to do the frying, which makes running a chip shop quite tricky!

“We have begun to train some interim fryers but have decided that they will not be ready for a while. We want to learn from our experience and would rather remain closed for a few weeks and get it right, than rush to re-open and not be good quality.”

The chippy opened at the beginning of the month after two years in the planning. It is backed by four local groups with all the profits going straight back into the community.

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