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Chesterford Group launches climate positive green menu

The Chesterford Group has launched a vegan menu as part of its commitment to become the first climate positive fish and chip business in the world.

Its Green Menu includes four plant-based items - two vegan burgers, a chicken and mushroom pie and goujons - which have been rolled out nationwide across all its Fish'n'Chick'n and Churchill stores.

It builds on initiatives the company has already introduced to reduce its impact on the environment, from recycling waste oil into bio-diesel to sourcing fish from sustainable sources, to creating the first dedicated recyclable fish and chip shop packaging line.

Chief executive James Lipscombe says the introduction of a plant-based menu is an important step in becoming a climate positive fish and chip business because being carbon neutral is no longer enough. He adds: “Bit by bit, bite by bite, we want to make the world better, by serving great tasting plant-based meals that reduce our impact on the world around us.”

The company has also committed to measuring all green house emissions it produces, including those from its vessels that catch its fish, the farmers land where the potatoes are grown and customers’ journeys as they travel to and from its takeaways. The Chesterford Group will work with Carbon Free Dining initiative to ensure its methods for calculating emissions are correct as well as look at ways it can reduce emissions further.

James adds: “If we are going to keep global warming under two degrees, we need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and, at the same time, remove some of the carbon dioxide we have already emitted.”

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