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Chicken fries are a must buy

A great alternative to conventional potato fries and a versatile addition to any menu are new chicken fries from Harvest Farms.

Chopped and shaped pieces of chicken breast, coated in a crisp golden breadcrumb, the fries are delivered ready to drop into the fryer.

Perfect on their own, they can be served up a hot and crispy portion in a carton alongside a choice of dips or paired with fries or a salad as an easy to eat grab and go snack. For a more substantial meal, place in a taco shell topped with gem lettuce, tomato and red onion, drizzle with a smoked paprika and chive sour cream, and top with a dash of red-hot salsa.

Alternatively, top a baguette half with grated Cheddar cheese and melt under the grill, then top with some crispy bacon and finish off with eight chicken fries, all dressed with BBQ sauce.

Harvest Farms chicken fries come packed 2 x 2.5kg.

Harvest Farms 01252 846500

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