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Chip shop owner fined for poor allergen management

Fish and chip shop owners are being warned about the dangers of poor allergen management after a West Sussex chip shop was fined over £2,000 for serving a sausage containing soya to a customer who declared it as allergen.

Sercan Vural, owner of Vural’s Fish & Chips in Bognor Regis, pleaded guilty to selling unsafe food at Horsham Magistrates Court on Friday 14th February.

It followed an investigation by West Sussex Trading Standards whereby an officer posing as a customer with a soya allergy asked for a soya free meal. Sercan served a sausage and chips meal which was sent for analysis and was found to contain soya.

Sercan had been warned about poor allergen control at his premises in the past by officers.

During the follow-up visit it became clear he had not acted on this advice and he could give no evidence that his staff had received allergen training either.

Peter Aston, West Sussex Trading Standards team manager, said: “The consequences of poor allergen control can be deadly. Even though no one was harmed on this occasion, someone with a severe food allergy could potentially have died.”

Deborah Urquhart, West Sussex County council cabinet member for environment, added: “The dangers of poor allergen management should not be underestimated. I urge other food businesses to make sure they have proper allergen controls in place.”

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