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Churchill’s launches delivery-only concept

Updated: Jun 18, 2019

Fish and chip chain Churchill’s has launched a new delivery only concept serving up a menu of BBQ and grilled food.

Serial Griller, which launched yesterday, is operating out of Churchill’s Pitsea-based takeaway in Essex and has partnered with Just Eat to deliver a menu of killer ribs, chicken and banging burgers.

The new direction for Churchill’s follows last year’s heat wave, which hampered sales of fish and chips. Paul Goodgame, operations director, comments: “Last year the summer really hurt our trade as most of our stores are urban. I started thinking what could we do that would kick in when most of our stores were quiet.

“The answer was a BBQ/grill concept. It’s what people naturally associate with the summer.”

Although a completely different offering to what it’s used to, the menu utilises ingredients that are already commonplace at Churchill’s, just cooked and served in a unique way.

Paul adds: “I looked at the base products that we wholesale to see what we had available and then at what we could do better than everyone else in the marketplace.

“At Churchill’s, we sell a lot of loin ribs, but we do them in an oven in quite a basic format. With Serial Griller, it’s all about award-winning sauces, which take them a step further, and then cooking the ribs on a Synergy grill to replicate the BBQ flavours. It gives the appearance of a totally different product.”

Chicken, another of the chain's biggest sellers, is marinated, spit roasted and grilled, while burgers are made to its own specific recipe and grilled before serving in a brioche bun with toppings including Monterey Jack cheese, onion rings and Chipotle sauce.

A range of sides is also available including 10mm x 10mm freshly cut chips.

Paul adds: “We chose to launch Serial Griller at Pitsea because it is our busiest Just Eat site. If it’s going to work anywhere, it will work there.

“The benefit of the link with Churchill’s is that we already have a trusted brand so immediately customers know they are getting good quality food, prepared and cooked by skilled staff in clean premises.”

Serial Griller is supported by Facebook and Instagram.

Churchill's Fish & Chips is owned by The Chesterford Group, which also operates the Fish 'n'Chick'n and Bankers brands.

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