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Collapsible box targets overflowing bins

Updated: Apr 26, 2019

Collapsible box gives a 79% volume reduction when folded flat

A new collapsible fish and chip box has been introduced in a bid to address the issue of overloaded bins.

The box has been created by Saica Pack in conjunction with Q Partnership and is in response to local councils’ complaints of overloaded bins which attract seagulls. Councils in seaside towns across the UK have struggled to contain the issue of seagulls, which often poach food from the crowded bins.

The new pack is fully collapsible, rigid and strong. Consumers can flatten the box after use to give a 79% volume reduction, which means more boxes can be disposed of per bin, boosting recycling rates and reducing problems with litter.

Representatives of the Q Partnership visited Saica’s ‘green-room’ at its PM-11 site in Greater Manchester to discuss ideas for the pack and worked closely with the design team throughout the process. Customers were put at the centre of the production process and were asked to test and score each prototype to support the final design decision.

Callum Webster, account manager at Saica Pack, said: “This innovative fish and chip box design is testament to the effective partnership between Saica and the Q Partnership. Together, we have used our expertise to produce a packaging solution which will deliver for consumers, suppliers and local councils.

“Local authorities were very clear, the issue of overloaded bins attracting seagulls had to be dealt with. This new fish and chip pack will allow customers to simply collapse the box after use, creating more space in bins and avoiding overloading.”

The boxes are available in small, medium and large sizes from Q Partnership's three companies - Friars Pride, V.A Whitley and Henry Colbeck.

The innovative design has also been entered in to this year’s Starpack Awards, the results of which will be announced in June 2019.

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