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Cones to go

Filled with sweet or savoury ingredients and served hot or cold, new Cone Bakes from Brakes are set to fire up interest in hand-held, on-the-go snacks.

The pastry cones can be filled with fresh berries, Greek yogurt and crunchy granola for a fast and filling breakfast, or stuffed with scrambled egg, bacon, and sausage for a savoury bite. A creamy chicken Caesar salad scooped into a baked and cooled cone makes a light lunchtime treat, or try a meatball filling with tangy tomato sauce, topped with cheese for a more substantial portable meal.

Supplied frozen in cases of 10 x 6, the cones simply need to be defrosted, then baked for two to six minutes before being cooled and filled as required. Alternatively, defrost and fill the cones before placing them in a special rack, then bake according to the cooking requirements of your chosen filling.

Brakes 0345 606 9090

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