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Consumers keen to eat more seafood

Only one third of UK consumers follow the NHS public health recommendation to eat two portions of fish a week, however, over half (55%) of consumers would like to eat more seafood, according to the latest research by Seafish.

Its ‘State of the Nation’ also revealed how 70% of the fish buying public think that sustainability is important and that telling consumers about the specific health benefits of fish would encourage over 70% of them to eat more.

Greg Smith, head of marketing at Seafish, said: “We know there’s still work to be done to get people eating more seafood, especially as two thirds of consumers aren’t following government health guidelines and eating two portions of fish a week, but it’s really encouraging to see that over half of consumers want to eat more.

“This work provides valuable insight into what really makes consumers tick when it comes to eating seafood, and can be used by industry to inform ongoing initiatives, which help positively impact consumption across the supply chain.”

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