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Create Katsu curries and burgers with new ready to use sauce

Uncle Ben’s has expanded its ready-to-use foodservice sauce offering with a Katsu Curry variety.

Available from Aimia Foods, Katsu Curry is said to be ideal for a wide range of customers from younger children, thanks to its milder flavour, through to teenagers and adults.

Created with carrots, red peppers, coconut and aromatic spices, the sauce can be poured over panko fried chicken and placed onto a bed of fluffy rice for a traditional Katsu curry. For something different, Uncle Ben’s recommends a katsu chicken burger by placing panko fried chicken between a brioche bun, filling with lettuce, bean sprouts and spring onions and finishing with a generous dollop of warmed Uncle Ben's Katsu Curry sauce.

Containing no artificial flavours, colours or preservatives, Uncle Ben’s Katsu Curry ready-to-use sauce is suitable for consumers following a gluten-free diet as well as vegetarians and vegans. Aimia Foods 01942 272900 or visit

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