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Customers favour mobile ordering over kiosks post-lockdown

When it comes to ordering and paying for food and drink in hospitality venues, 59% of consumers are more likely to use their mobile than before the coronavirus outbreak. The survey of 500 UK adults by mobile order & pay provider Wi5 also found that nearly two thirds of UK adults (61%) will avoid using touch-screen kiosks once the lockdown measures are lifted with the number one reason being “not liking the thought of touching a screen used by so many other people before touching my food”. The research found that over half of consumers said they were likely to return to their favourite fast food (59%) and casual dining restaurants (51%), pubs and bars (51%) and cafés (58%) within weeks of venues reopening. The findings also offers hospitality operators clear guidance on what customers will be looking for in order to entice them back to venues reopening their doors. When asked what would make them more likely to visit a restaurant, bar or café after the lockdown, most want to know there are clear hygiene measures in place, with 58% saying they would want to know the venue is being regularly cleaned, and 54% wanting to see provision of hand-sanitiser throughout the venue. The next most important issues relate to social distancing, with 48% wanting to see limits to the numbers of customers in each store, and 36% saying they would be swayed positively by seeing floor markers for social distancing. Gavin Peters, chief marketing and strategy officer for Wi5, said: “These results clearly show how customer behaviour in hospitality will change after the lockdown ends, with ordering kiosks likely to be seen as too much of a hygiene risk for most customers. Helping customers use their own devices for ordering, making some simple operational changes to limit any perceived unnecessary hygiene risks and, crucially, communicating those changes well to customers will be key to helping rebuild consumer confidence and ensuring the sector recovers as fast as possible.”

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