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Cut price fish & chips raises £4,000

Award-winning Exmouth chippy Krispies raised over £4,000 at the weekend to help fund a new educational provision for deaf people in the local area.

Krispies owners Tim and Kelly Barnes, along with their staff, sold portions of fish and chips at the reduced price of £3.50 on Saturday from 12 noon until 9pm.

Industry suppliers including Smales, T.Quality, Friars Pride, Ceres, Gilbert & Sons, Williams Potatoes and Kerry Foods all donated stock, which meant every penny raised will go straight to Exeter Deaf Academy, which is moving to a purpose-built centre in Exmouth in April 2020.

Kelly comments: “Our staff were amazing. They all worked for free and even when they finished working they stayed on to help out. The event literally cost us the heat, light and power so it was just amazing. And having all the stock donated by the suppliers was fantastic for us and it shows the real relationship you can build up with people in the industry who are all willing to help if and when they can.

“The proceeds will make a big difference to the academy. The original school was built in the ‘70s and it’s not very friendly towards the children, it’s very class-room based and structured. The new academy is so much more user-friendly, for example, all the classroom are curved so when people are talking to each other and lipreading they can see what is being said.”

Krispies sold over 1,500 portions of fish and chips across the day with one family phoning from Wales to ask what time the takeaway would be open.

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