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Deliveroo food procurement service to save restaurants 20%

Deliveroo has launched a food procurement service that allows restaurants to purchase cooking ingredients and supplies at reduced prices via bespoke deals.

The new scheme, which Deliveroo has been trialing for over a year, claims to be saving restaurants over 20% on their ingredients bills, with smaller independent restaurants saving up to 40%, while also improving the quality of the ingredients and the produce they use.

The scheme covers everything from vegetables and meat to cleaning supplies and packaging.

Deliveroo claims these savings will help restaurants boost their profits at a time when food costs have increased by as much as 50% in the last five years and when food costs typically make up 20-40 % of an average restaurant’s sales.

The support is expected to benefit smaller restaurants in particular who do not have the economies of scale of large restaurant groups.

The service is part of Deliveroo’s drive to be the partner of choice for restaurants, offering more than just delivery. It is the first food delivery platform to offer this sort of service in the UK.

Several hundred restaurant partners are already using the scheme, and the company expects this number to reach 5,000 by the end of the year.

Ajay Lakhwani , VP of new business at Deliveroo, said: “Food Procurement is an exciting new service for restaurants, which will cut costs while raising the quality of ingredients. By using our size and scale to negotiate great prices we can both simplify the procurement process and help independents and chains can make big savings. Restaurants and their suppliers are the winners. And of course this is great news for customers, as restaurants cook with better quality ingredients.”

Restaurants interested in the service can contact the team directly via

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