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Deliveroo introduces 0% commission Table Service

Deliveroo has announced a new 0% commission Table Service feature to help restaurants reopen safely to dine-in customers.

Deliveroo is the first major UK platform to introduce the feature, which goes live from 15th July and allows customers to order via the Deliveroo app in restaurants, pubs and cafes, enabling social distancing for both customers and staff.

All orders placed through Table Service will be charged at 0% commission to restaurant partners, encouraging widespread adoption and supporting the hospitality sector financially during this difficult period.

Restaurants face extreme financial pressures as a result of the crisis, with many fearful of not being able to sustain their business. A recent Deliveroo survey, conducted during lockdown, showed that 42% of independent restaurants say they could go out of business within the next three months.

Deliveroo says this represents a significant evolution of its platform. Initially offering only delivery via its riders, in June 2018 Deliveroo launched Marketplace+, enabling restaurants to fulfil orders using their own riders. In November 2019 the company launched 'Pickup', a new click and collect service. Now, Table Service is the first time a major UK platform has developed a feature to support restaurants' dine-in services, further increasing the range of choice available to customers and increasing orders and revenue for restaurants.

For restaurants that adopt Table Service and also offer Pick Up, Deliveroo is offering the Pickup service at 0% commission for a three month period.

To help is restaurant partners further, Deliveroo is also offering 25,000 free items of in-restaurant signage, including floor stickers, queuing polls, anti-bacterial pumps, hand washing signs and bag seal stickers, as well as PPE such as masks, hand sanitisers and disposable gloves, at cost price.

Will Shu, CEO, Deliveroo said: "Thousands of our restaurant partners stayed open during the lockdown to deliver for the NHS and the vulnerable. It is now time for the government, consumers, and for Deliveroo to deliver for our restaurants, helping them to survive on the high-street as they reopen for dine-in customers. Deliveroo wants to play a significant role in helping restaurants adopt tech-led solutions to reopen safely, especially smaller partners who otherwise would be unable to develop the technology and face huge financial burdens due to COVID-19. We are committed to developing a wide package of support measures to help the sector's economic recovery.”

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