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Domino's launches 650 calorie pizzas

Domino’s has added two low calorie pizzas to its menu.

The Delight range, which includes the Delight Chicken and Delight Vegi, contains under 650kcal calories per small pizza or around 100kcal per small slice.

Both pizzas use Domino’s signature fresh dough hand-stretched thinner and a light scattering of reduced fat mozzarella. The Delight Vegi is topped with chopped onions, sliced mushrooms, mixed peppers, sweetcorn and tomatoes, while the Delight Chicken options comes topped with chicken breast pieces, chopped onions, peppers and tomatoes.

The two new pizzas are on the menu at over 1,000 Domino’s stores across the UK and Ireland with more to be added over the coming months. They are priced at around £14 for a small, £17 for a medium and £19 for a large, which feeds up to four people.

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