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Dorset chippy first to sell MSC certified Poole Harbour clams

A Dorset fish and chip shop is the first in the country to put MSC certified Poole Harbour clams on the menu.

Lakeside Fish and Chips in Poole Harbour made the new addition after achieving MSC certification from the Marine Stewardship Council this month, while the fishery received its certification in May.

As well as serving this local and sustainable shellfish, the chippy also offers its customers MSC certified cod and haddock which can now be distinguished on the menu by the MSC blue eco-label. This not only assures customers that the fish and shellfish sold has been responsibly caught using sustainable methods, but also demonstrate traceability as it can be traced back to the fishermen who caught it.

The restaurant, which overlooks Hooles Bay in Poole, is owned by brothers Jason and Wayne Leese, who have both been in the industry since they left school in 1987.

Jason comments: “Being MSC certified gives our customers confidence that they can now enjoy our national dish with a clear conscience. We are planning to work closely with the Marine Stewardship Council to educate the next generation that fish and chips will be here for our children’s future. We are now actively sourcing local, seasonal MSC certified shellfish, which our customers are raving about.”

Loren Clark, commercial officer at the MSC, added: “It’s such a huge achievement for Lakeside getting MSC certified. Offering their customers certified sustainable seafood makes a massive impact on our ocean health and ensures fish for future generations. To be the first to put MSC certified Poole Harbour clams on their menu also shows how in step with they are with customer expectations of sustainable seafood. We’re delighted to have them on board, and more chippies should follow in their footsteps!"

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