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Dougie’s dives in with MSC certification

The chippy, which serves the community of Bilton and which attracts customers from across Yorkshire, can now use the MSC blue fish label on its cod and haddock. This assures customers that the fish sold has been responsibly caught using sustainable methods and means it can be traced back to the fishermen who caught it.

Owner Betty Bolton comments: “Dougie’s is very proud to be able to help our ecosystem in whatever ways we can. That is why it is so important to us to make sure the fish our customers eat can be traced back to a sustainable source, helping the oceans to keep healthy and full of life.”

Loren Hiller, commercial officer at the MSC, adds: “Dougie’s Fish and Chips clearly takes pride in how they source their fish. It’s such a huge achievement for Dougie’s getting MSC certified. Offering their customers the blue fish label makes a positive impact on our ocean health and ensures fish for future generations. We’re delighted to have them on board, and more chippies should follow in their footsteps!”

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