Drury packaging now recyclable

London-based coffee roaster and tea blender The Drury Tea & Coffee Company has announced a new scheme for recycling its laminated coffee packaging.

Until now, it has not been possible to recycle the triple laminate plastic and aluminium material which is used to protect its roasted coffee and extend its shelf life. However, Drury has teamed up with its packaging supplier, Maxilla Packaging, and found a facility able to fully recycle this material.

From 1st March, customers can pay an annual £10 fee and hand over any empty 1kg, 500g and 250g valve bags when they receive a delivery. The used bags do not need to be cleaned before collection, but should not be returned contaminated with any other materials. Drury vans will have lidded bins fitted inside to facilitate collection and ensure food safety is not compromised. The packaging will then be collated at Drury’s warehouse and shipped to the recycling site for processing.

Drury director Marco Olmi comments: “For some years, our dilemma has been to balance the need to protect our coffee against the need to protect the environment and, believe me, we have exhausted all the alternative options. But, working with Maxilla to discover this new facility goes a long way to solving the issues. Our aim as a company is, in future, to recycle the highest possible percentage of coffee packaging instead of it ending up in landfill.”