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Edge offers advanced Dutch technology at discount prices

Florigo has launched a new frying range that it says incorporates advanced Dutch technology at discount prices.

Edge ranges are not bespoke, what you see is what you get. However, customers can build their own quote online, giving the freedom to design a range to suit their own needs and budget - and with no hidden costs.

Edge ranges include high-efficiency pans as standard, which Florigo claims saves customers up to 50% on energy bills, Halo lighting for an un-hindered view of the frying area, and built-in filtration, although the choice of 2-stage filtration or 3-stage filtration is up to the customer.

Wall ranges start from £27,500, counter ranges at £29,125 and island ranges from £37,500.

The sales process is not carried out on site, but instead a member of the team will handle the sale on live chat, email, phone, or video call.

Built in the same factory as Florigo Frying Equipment, customers have the assurance that their new frying range will be a high-quality build as well as the back-up of Florigo’s service team.

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