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Equip yourself

We take a look at some of the best gadgets and equipment that have been launched to make life in a busy fish and chip shop easier

All the tools of the trade

Check out the new range of frying utensils from Fryersmate, which include spider lifters in 8, 9 and 10 inch sizes with a wire handle or a tube handle, as well as new round skimmers made with two layers of mesh in an 8 or 9 inch wire handle.

The latter are ideal for skimming large batter bits out of the frying oil and, due to their durability, can be used to lift cooked food out of the pan too.

Meanwhile, keep your batter at hand with Fryersmate’s new batter tins, produced in stainless steel with or without flange. All are available to buy over the phone or online.

Fryersmate 01522 542054


Ready to fry in four minutes with Falcon

Falcon Foodservice has expanded its popular F900 cookline series with the launch of a new electric fryer that goes from cold to frying in just four minutes.

Ideal for producing individual portions or small batches of fried food, the E9342 has two 7.5 litre pans, each with their own controls. This not only offers extra flexibility, allowing chefs to fry different products simultaneously at different temperatures, but also enables chefs to cater for customers with specific dietary requirements. Alternatively, in quiet times, one pan can be turned off.

The new fryer features an Eco setting that reduces power consumption during pre-heating, and powerful elements that save energy by quickly recovering temperature when fresh food is loaded. Four different models are available giving a choice of drainage and filtration options and all are supplied with fryplates, baskets and lids as standard. The fryers can be used as standalone models or linked to other cookline appliances.

Falcon Foodservice 01786 455 200


Test your oil in seconds

With the new oil tester from Vito UK you never need to worry about changing your oil too early or too late ever again.

The Vito FT440 measures the Total Polar Material (TPM) content in the oil, showing its value as an accurate percentage. It then alerts the user via a traffic light alarm at the top of the probe if the oil needs changing. The probe also takes an accurate measurement of the temperature of cooking oil, even during use, great for ensuring consistent frying every time

The unit uses lithium batteries, giving a three year life as opposed to standard AAA used in other testers, which only give a maximum 12 months life, and is protected by a shatterproof case with safety strap making for safe easy use. The retail price is £395 + VAT although for a limited time it is available at a special offer launch price of £325 + VAT. Vito also offers a two year warranty.

Vito UK 01953851914


Insulated bag for small orders

Fife-based Take Eat Away has launched a smaller insulated delivery bag to cater for orders of four to six portions of fish and chips.

Priced from £16.99, the smaller size complements the company’s range of larger bags and features the same strong thermal foil lining, along with foam insulation for added heat retention. The bag comes with a strong, chunky double zip for easy access and a plastic sleeve for displaying customer orders. Microwavable heat pads are also available to purchase, which are designed to be placed into the delivery bags to keep food warmer for longer. Free postage is available on all UK mainland orders.

Take Eat Away 01383 665001


Quicker and safer frying with ventless unit

There’s a new fryer on the block that needs no ventilation, is entirely safe and is easy to use and clean.

Fast Chef Elite from Taylor UK is a ventless, countertop unit which works by simply placing food into the hopper at the top of the machine, pushing the relevant programme on the control pad, and then taking the fried product out of the hopper at the bottom once it’s cooked. 

All the frying is done in the enclosed chamber, which means not only is there no exposure to hot oil, but the oil has very little exposure to oxygen and none to light, which extends its lifespan.

The unit works by extracting moisture away from the food very quickly, sealing its surface and ensuring the moisture doesn’t contaminate the oil.  This, in turn, minimises the risk of flavour transfer between batches of different foods and further extends the oil’s lifespan. The results are crispy, golden fried foods, batch after batch. 

The Fast Chef Elite can cook up to 500g of product per batch and in independent tests used 24% less energy and up to 37% less oil than conventional fryers. Plus, it’s fast, reducing frying time by up to 27%. 

Taylor UK 0800 838 896


Refrigeration right on hand

Bringing refrigerated storage right into the heart of a fish and chip shop is the Chef’s Drawer from Williams.

Available as either a fridge or a freezer, the drawers are built with a stainless steel interior and exterior and can be cited under cooking appliances. They operate in ambient temperatures up to 43°C, accept 2/1GN pans up to 150mm deep, and offer a capacity of up to 94 litres.

The fridge version can be adjusted between 1 and 4°C, while the freezer offers a temperature range of -18 to -21°C.  Both versions measure 880mm wide by 850mm deep and 475mm high.

Williams Refrigeration 01553 817000


An oven for all occasions

It might have a small footprint of just 51.5cm wide but the Black Convotherm Mini from Welbilt can roast, grill, steam, au gratin cook, convenience fry, regenerate and bake a host of items.

Ideal for grab and go items like pies, pizza, breaded chicken, sausage rolls and wedges, as well as grilled meat and fish, the unit can simultaneously cook up to six different product categories perfectly. Models featuring the easyTouch panel also have an intuitive picture-based user interface, meaning that unskilled staff can use the mini black without requiring time-consuming training.

Welbilt UK 01483 464900


Valentine twin fryer helps prevent cross contamination

Valentine Equipment has launched the new Evo 2200PP twin pump fryer with an enhanced system of oil filtration which is designed to completely segregate the oil in each of the two pans.

This is especially useful for the prevention of cross contamination of allergens and different food groups.

The fryer comes with the standard Valentine parts and labour warranty of three years, plus a lifetime warranty of 20 years on the pan.

Valentine 0118 9571344

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