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Falcon electrifies F900 chargrill

Falcon has launched an electric version of its F900 chargrill.

Available in a single element model with a rating of 8.4kW and a cooking area of 450mm wide by 590mm, and a two element model with a rating of 13.44kW and a total cooking area of 730mm wide by 590mm, they heat up very quickly so they only need to be turned on just before cooking is to be done.

For ease of cleaning they feature removable lining sheets to keep the chamber below the elements clean, while grease and debris is directed into a container below for easy disposal. Removable magnetic side-screens contain any splatter, whilst the elements swivel upwards, making them a cinch to clean. As with other F900 models, the chargrills are IPX5-rated for deep cleaning.

List prices for the F900 electric chargrills start from £3,990.

Falcon Foodservice 01786 455 200

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