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Falcon launches first hydrogen powered appliances

Commercial catering equipment manufacturer Falcon has introduced the first hydrogen-powered appliances, including a six burner range, chargrills, griddles, grills and fryers.

The range of products, which will help cut carbon emissions in kitchens, have been several years in the making with R&D company Enertek.

Peter McAllister, managing director of Falcon, said he is incredibly proud to be the first to market with these products, adding: "Introducing hydrogen-ready appliances is vital if the foodservice industry is to meet its net-zero carbon commitments. The team at Enertek, in conjunction with our research and development, have done a brilliant job in developing the appliances and gaining the necessary approvals and certification."

The initial launch sees Falcon concentrating on developing hydrogen versions of its best-selling lines, to encourage as many operators as possible to make the swap to hydrogen and reduce their carbon emissions.

The company is already talking to dealers and customers about the switch to hydrogen.

Peter adds: ”We believe whole-heartedly that hydrogen gas appliances have a major role play to the future of the foodservice industry.

"These are pioneer products that lead the way in terms of contributing towards a more sustainable future.”

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