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Falmouth restaurant adds £1 donation to customers' bills

Fish and chip restaurant Harbour Lights in Falmouth, Cornwall, is adding £1 to customers’ bills to help raise funds for The Fishermen’s Mission.

The 70-seater restaurant, which overlooks the harbour, has signed up to become a Hospitality Champion for the charity and in doing so has agreed to add the small donation to each table’s bill.

In its first month of the campaign, customers have raised £700 for the maritime charity. Owner Pete Fraser hopes that with the boost to business that the summer brings, his customers could end the year having raised over £10,000 for the charity.

Pete comments: “We’ve always supported the Fishermen’s Mission and about 15 years ago we started collecting 5p from every hot drink sold in our restaurant. Over the years, there would be typically 20,000 hot drinks sold so we could give them a cheque for £1,000.

“We looked at different ways to raise money this year and this came up. We make it very clear that if people don’t want to pay the £1 surcharge that’s fine, but there has been zero kickback so far. We have some really nice literature in the restaurant that explains what The Fishermen’s Mission is about so it’s zero cost to us, we are just helping generate money for a needy charity.”

Talking about the importance of The Fishermen's Mission, Pete adds: “It really is my favourite national charity. I absolutely appreciate what our fishermen do because no fish equals no business.

"If the money we raise pays for a part-time employee to go and do the great work they do to support the fishing family then that would make me really happy.”

The plan is to assess the campaign in a few months although Pete can already see it being a long-term fundraiser.

“It works well because we are a coastal shop," adds Pete. "I hope by us doing this it will open the floodgates for a lot more coastal fish and chip shops to get on board too.”

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