FASFA reassures consumers over cod sustainability concerns

The Frozen at Sea Fillet Association (FASFA) has issued a statement in response to the news this week that North Sea Cod has lost its MSC certification, reassuring fish and chip lovers who might be worried.

It says it it’s entirely understandable that UK consumers might be confused about where the fish in their local chippy is sourced from but goes on to reassure them that most of the cod and haddock sold in UK fish and chip shops is sourced from sustainable, MSC-certified fisheries in the North Atlantic, frozen at sea and imported direct to shops.

FASFA says these fisheries are “highly regulated and well-managed”, giving customers the green light to enjoy their sustainably sourced fish and chips.

The statements continues, saying “As an industry, we take the sustainability of the cod and haddock we supply as seriously as we do its traceability and quality. It has never been more important to consumers to know that they are making responsible choices. Over 95% of fish and chip shops in the UK serve frozen at sea fillets, which means that UK consumers can continue to choose cod with a clear conscience. 

“The fact that North Sea cod has lost its certification clearly illustrates that the situation is being closely monitored and managed and that the system is working. Every link in the seafood supply chain is working hard, and working together, to secure a healthy and sustainable future for the industry.”