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First MSC certified chippy celebrates 12 years of sustainable seafood

Anstruther Fish Bar and Restaurant in Fife is celebrating 12 years of serving sustainable seafood after gaining its Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certification for a fourth time.

The fish bar became the world’s first MSC certified fish and chip shop in April 2009 and has been cooking up sustainable seafood ever since. This includes hake from an MSC certified fishery off south-west Africa which has been part of the sustainable fishing scheme itself for 16 years.

The MSC chain of custody certification lasts three years after which shops are required to be assessed again if they want to continue in the programme.

Owner Alison Smith said she was thrilled to be recertified, adding: “I can’t believe it is twelve years since we got involved with the MSC!”

Loren Hiller, senior commercial officer at MSC, UK & Ireland, commented: “This is a huge milestone for both Anstruther Fish Bar and Restaurant and the MSC.

“Anstruther was the first ever fish and chip shop to become MSC certified and it has played a vital role in serving customers with certified sustainable seafood for the last twelve years. Its ongoing commitment reinforces the importance of sustainable sourcing and protecting fish for future generations and more fish and chip shops are now following in its footsteps.

“With MSC commissioned research showing that almost three-quarters of seafood consumers believe we should only eat seafood from sustainable sources there has never been a more important time to source from MSC certified sustainable fisheries.”

Claiming that the biggest challenge in the protection of our oceans is education, Alison adds: “As individuals, we can all do our own wee bit but we most importantly need to help raise awareness on a global scale that our oceans need protecting - now."

This sentiment is backed up by a survey conducted for MSC by GlobeScan which showed that some 83% of UK consumers are willing to take action to protect fish and seafood in the future.

The fish bar, located in the East Neuk area of Fife opposite the picturesque harbour, opened in 2003. Alison and her husband Robert had been running a fish processing business for many years before this, supplying hand-filleted haddock to fish and chips shops and retailers throughout the region. Fishing is in the blood for both of them.

Alison explains: “Generations of both our families made their living in the fishing and related industries here in this wee corner of Fife, from the early 1700s right through to present day. Mainly as fishermen and fish curers but also as carters, coopers and herring girls, they worked hard to provide for their crews and their families.

“So, I think that we have always been aware of the need to protect our seas and oceans for future generations, not just here in Fife, but throughout the world.”

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